Moving Company's Best Kept Secret

The movers are the most important part of any company. It's the workers themselves that seperate one company from the next. Having seasoned professional movers handle your belongings will be the single most important factor in regarding how your move goes. Its hard to guarantee a crew full of seasoned professional movers, and you will find that companies that give you the "best deal", will most certainly not provide these types of experienced movers. The reason is that in order to provide you with that great price, the moving company will not have the capability to pay experienced movers. Its the old adage, "you get what you pay for", and moving is no different. Every mover starts at t

Use Proper Technique When Moving Furniture.

When moving furniture technique is very important. Bending at the knees, and using your legs while lifting heavy objects is of utmost importance. The legs are the strongest muscles in the body, and need to be incorporated into any heavy lifting. The mistake most people make is to bend from the waist, and unnecesarily strain their backs. This can cause back problems even when lifting light objects. So remember, save your back and bend your knees. Use the strongest muscles(your legs) in your body when moving, and your back will thank you! #rocklandcountymoving #movingtips #liftingfurniture

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