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Moving Company's Best Kept Secret

The movers are the most important part of any company. It's the workers themselves that seperate one company from the next. Having seasoned professional movers handle your belongings will be the single most important factor in regarding how your move goes. Its hard to guarantee a crew full of seasoned professional movers, and you will find that companies that give you the "best deal", will most certainly not provide these types of experienced movers. The reason is that in order to provide you with that great price, the moving company will not have the capability to pay experienced movers. Its the old adage, "you get what you pay for", and moving is no different. Every mover starts at the bottom wage of 8-10 dollars an hour, but after years of experience no self respecting mover will work for that kind of money. Certain companies refuse to pay their workers more than this entry level wage, and therefore can only retain entry level movers. You may ask why is this a problem? It's a problem because entry level workers are doing on the job training, and they need to be properly supervised. When the whole crew consist of inexperienced movers they learn from damaging your stuff! Damage can occur with even the most experienced crews, its the nature of the business, however it happens with much less frequency amongst experienced moving crews. The reason for this is experience, there are certain standards that need to be applied when moving household furnishings. These standards need to be upheld by the crew chief, and every aspect of the job is ultimately the crew chief's responibility. So when the crew chief is making $8 an hour, and you get a great price on your move realize how you saved, and if you really saved anything at all.

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