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Storage Options


When choosing to store your personal belongings there are very important variables to be concerned about.  Cost, Security, and Cleanliness are of paramount importance in regards to your belongings being stored effectively.  In order to satisfy all of these requirements  360 Degree Moving works closely with several Rockland County storage facilities.  We give the customer the opportunity to choose their own self storage facility based upon price, and convenience.

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When considering cost, a customer must keep in mind that this is a recurring monthly charge.  The ability to lock in a rate is essential.  A self storage that guarantees that a customer's rent will not be increased for a set amount of time is very important.   Another cost related issue is related to your ablility to access your belongings.  Will you be charged by a moving company's storage facility to access your belongings?  Usually, this is the case.  At any Rockland County self storage  the customer retains the key to the storage, and may visit the storage during business hours free of charge.



Who has access to your belongings?  Are you comfortable having your items out in the open in a wharehouse with many different individuals having access to them.  At a Rockland County self storage of your choice, items are stored under lock, and key.  Only the customer has access to their belongings.  There are high tech security cameras at most Rockland County storage locations.  Along with the cameras there are gates with key pad for entry to loading areas.  



This is a very important aspect of storage.  A dirty storage facility can ruin your belonging beyond repair.  360 Degree Moving can make a recommendation based upon the extensive work performed in every Rockland County Storage Facility.   We also offer shrink wrapping of furniture heading to storage to maintain cleanliness while being stored.

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