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Packing requires time, and alot of patience.  On this website we provide the do-it-yourselfer an opportunity to view packing techniques utilized by the pros.  Packing yourself saves money, but adds to the stress of moving.  Each customer must evaluate if its worth their time to pack, because as we all know "time is money".  Another reason to reconsider packing yourself is what we call PBO in the industry.  PBO stands for packed by owner.  Boxes that are PBO are not covered under valuation, and most insurance policies.  So when considering whether to pack yourself please keep these points in mind.  If you want 360 to pack your entire household, or just the fragile items we are here to provide whatever type of service you ultimately decide upon.

360 Degree Moving provides the highest quality moving supplies on the day of the move.  Whether your packing a 4 bedroom house in Rockland N.Y., or a 1 bedroom apartment in Westchester County N.Y. we have you covered.  If you would like to pack yourself we also sell everything necessary to pack like a pro!


360 Degree Moving is a full service moving company.  We are owner operated, and have guaranteed pricing options.
360 Degree Moving serves Rockland, Westchester, Orange, and Putnam counties.  We provide free estimates, with guaranteed pricing options.  The owner is on 100% of jobs.


On the day of the move the men will show up with a fully equipped moving van.  On the moving van will be everything that professional movers need to transport your furniture properly.  There are no extra charges for prepping of furniture.  That service is included in the hourly rate, or binding estimate which is a guaranteed price.

360 Degree Moving is the premiere moving company of the Lower Hudson Valley.  We are owner operated, and provide free estimates.
360 Degree Moving provides full service moving.
360 Degree Moving is owner operated.  We are a full service moving company, and offer free estimates.
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