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Binding Price Estimate

Binding price estimate is the legal term for flat price.  It is based upon a physical examination of the items to be moved, and the services to be rendered.  During the estimate the estimator will take an inventory of everthing that will be moved, and all services that the customer requests.  The estimator will then give a binding price estimate to the customer.   As long as on the day of the move the inventory list is not increased by more than 10%, than that price is locked in, and will not fluctuate.  This gives the customer the power to compare one moving companies price to another, and ultimately become a better informed consumer.

History of the Binding Price

The binding price evolved in response to tactics of unscrupulous movers.  It's the old "bait and switch", movers would give a low-ball estimate over the phone, or in person in order to get the job.  Once the customer's property was loaded on the truck they would inflate the price of the move astronomically.  They would not unload the belongings until they were paid.  This is known in the industry as "hijacking".  Unfortunately this situation still rears its ugly head.  The way to protect yourself from this scam is to request an in home binding estimate.  The price will not fluctuate as long as the inventory on the estimate does not increase by more than 10%.  It is 360 Degree Moving's policy to disclose all charges prior to performing any service.

Educated Consumer

An informed customer is a better customer for an honest company.  By recieving guaranteed prices from multiple moving companies a customer can shop comparatively for price, and quality.  With no surprises you can rest assured that the estimate you recieve is the price you will pay.

360 Degree Moving is a full service moving company.
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