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"How to Successfully Navigate Peak Moving Season with 360 Degree Moving and Storage Tips"

The summer months are known to be the peak time for the moving season. This is when movers and 360 Degree Moving and Storage are at their busiest. This is due to favorable weather conditions, the end of leases for many renters, and school breaks where most parents would like to settle in the children in their new home before the upcoming school year. Making it the most popular time for people to move.

If you find yourself moving within the moving season, it is best to get a head start when requesting moving quotes from reputable and insured moving companies like 360 Degree Moving  and Storage located in Rockland County N.Y. It is recommended to at least book your move a month in advance due to high demand. Moving companies who are highly reputable and recommended in Rockland County are more likely to get booked up sooner than other moving companies and you don’t want to be left without a mover on moving day.

During peak moving season it may be enticing to go with a mover based on the cheapest price, but rogue unlicensed movers are known to book a move and not show up on move day due to either overbooking or not having the equipment or manpower to service the move. Leaving the customer stranded and trying to find last minute movers. It is always recommended to use a reputable licensed and insured moving company in Rockland County N.Y., especially during peak moving season.

360 Degree Moving and Storage Rockland County N.Y.

Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

  • Plan Ahead- Book movers like 360 Degree Moving and storage in Rockland County N.Y. at least a month in advance due to high demand during peak season.  

  • Declutter- Take the opportunity to sort through belongings and get rid of items you no longer need.  

  • Pack Strategically- Pack fragile items in double corrugated boxes and use proper moving materials. You can find videos online on how to pack fragile dishes, pictures, and lamps properly. Label all boxes clearly with room name and if items in the box are fragile. Movers like 360 Degree Moving and Storage in Rockland County provide full and partial packing services as part of your move if needed.

  • Pack Essential Items- Make sure your essentials are packed separately to access them easily once you’re in your new home.

  • Utilities and Services- Arrange for utilities and internet to be set up at your new place before you move in to ensure there is lighting and essential functions such as your air conditioning and refrigerator.


Key Considerations


  • Weather: Hot summer temperatures can be challenging. Make sure your family, including pets stay hydrated during the move.

  • Traffic and Logistics: Anticipate increased traffic and plan your move to avoid high traffic times and days.

  • Storage Solutions: If your new home isn’t ready yet, 360 Degree Moving can offer storage solutions to make your in between transition easier.



By preparing thoroughly and considering these factors, you can navigate moving season more smoothly and efficiently. To request a free moving quote contact 360 Degree Moving and Storage at 1-844-360-6683.


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