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360 Degree Moving, your Rockland Mover Shares Tips on How to Prepare for a Move in Bad Weather.

Moving in bad weather in Rockland County N.Y. can present some challenges, but with proper planning and precautions, you can make the process safer and more manageable. Here are some tips from your local Rockland Mover regarding moving in bad weather:

360 Degree Moving in Winter in Rockland County
  1. Check your local weather forecast: Stay updated on the weather conditions in Rockland County or the county you are moving from and to for your moving day.

  2. Have a backup plan: Be prepared for unexpected changes in weather conditions. Contact your Rockland County mover beforehand and discuss a contingency plan. Have a backup plan in case moving becomes unsafe, such as rescheduling the move for another day. If bad weather is in the forecast such as a blizzard or a snow storm more than 2 inches, 360 Degree Moving located in Rockland County will contact the customer regarding their move.

  3. Stay informed: Keep an eye on local Rockland weather updates throughout the day. If conditions worsen, be ready to make decisions about whether to continue the move or pause temporarily.

  4. Plan for delays: Bad weather can cause delays, so plan accordingly. Allow for extra time for your Rockland move in your schedule to account for any unexpected setbacks. 360 Degree Moving will keep the customer abreast of any potential delays or setbacks on move day.

  5. Secure your belongings: Make sure your belongings are properly packed and protected from the weather. 360 Degree Moving will protect your furniture with moving pads and plastic wrap to secure items during bad weather and while in transport.

  6. Clear pathways: If there's snow or ice on the ground, it is important to clear a path for the movers from your home to the moving vehicle. Salt or sand icy areas to reduce slipping hazards.

  7. Dress appropriately: Wear weather-appropriate clothing, including layers to stay warm. Use waterproof gear such as jackets and boots to protect yourself from rain or snow.

  8. Safety first: If conditions are extremely hazardous, 360 Degree Moving will contact the customer to consider postponing the move. Safety should always be the top priority for you, your family, and our movers.

By taking these precautions and staying flexible with your plans, you can minimize the challenges associated with moving in bad weather in Rockland County N.Y. For a stress free move contact 360 Degree Moving, your local licensed and insured moving company in Rockland County N.Y.

Call us today at 1-844-360-6683

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