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360 Degree Moving Helps Downey Side

Downey Side is a licensed adoption agency in New York and New Jersey who assists with the adoption of older children within the age of 7-17 years of age currently in the Foster care system. Father Paul Engel a Franciscan Priest has helped more than 7,000 children find permanent homes in the last 50 years. With the closing of their New York City location and almost 5 years to the date of our last move with Father Paul Engel, he contacted 360 Degree Moving again to assist with their move from New York City to the new location located at 33 Church Street in White Plains N.Y. Without hesitation, 360 Degree Moving said yes and provided a pro-bono move for Downey Side. We believe in what Downey Side stands for and have great respect for Father Paul Engel and his 50 plus years of service to the organization. We are also grateful and blessed to be in business 5 years later and still able to provide a service for Downey Side.

To learn more about Downey Side and how you can help, please visit;

360 Degree Moving
360 Degree Moving helps Downey Side


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