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Preparation of Furniture for Storage

When moving into storage the preparation/wrapping of your belongings are of the utmost importance. After all the significant cost associated with the moving and storage of your belongings the last thing on your mind should be damage to those items when they arrive at their final destination. Proper wrapping of furniture for storage adds to the cost of the move. It takes longer for professional movers to prep furniture for storage, and the materials are also an additional cost. Professional movers can wrap furniture for a normal move more quickly when using just furniture moving blankets. When going to storage there needs to be an added layer of protection that is left on the furniture, usually triple ply export paper pads, cardboard, and shrink wrap. Moving company's generally will not leave their moving pads on furniture due to the expense of replacing them. If they do leave them expect to pay a hefty price for the moving blanket, usually around $20.00 each. It is not very economical for the customer to purchase the moving pads, so 360 Degree Moving wraps the furniture in triple ply export paper pads, cardboard, and shrink wrap. These paper pads are great for storage protection, but the don't do a great job in transit, therefore your movers should still be utilizing moving blankets for transport. When choosing a moving company for storage check to see if they go the extra mile for your possessions.

Rockland County Moving Company's Storage Preperation

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