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Long Distance Moves

Rockland County Long Distance Moving

Long Distance moving is completely different from local moving in many ways. First off the cost associated with a long distance move is substantially higher than a local move for the same size household. This is one of the main reasons for getting a guaranteed price quote from multiple licensed interstate movers. Not all movers are licensed for interstate moves ask for their MC#, ours is #857986, and for moves originating from NY make sure the company gives you their NYDOT#, ours is NYDOT#39145. These numbers insure that your carrier is licensed, and insured to perform your interstate move. Another great website to check out your mover is FMCSA website where you can look up the mover to make sure they are properly licensed to do your move.

When it comes to interstate moves 360 Degree Moving utilizes 26ft Standard Moving Vans. What this means for the customer is the same crew that picks up your shipment is also the same crew that delivers your shipment within a 48hr time frame. When other companies pick up your items they will give you a 7-21 day window for delivery. The reason for this is most companies generally use tractor trailers for long distance moving, and they can not send a trailer half full all the way to Florida, or they would lose money. So the customer has to wait for their load to be paired up with other loads heading in the same direction. This is where 360 Degree Moving's use of a 26ft Standard Moving Van is advantageous to the customer because we can load your belongings, and get them delivered without waiting for another customer heading in the same direction. Although this is a superior service for your long distance move there are a few caveats. In order for 360 Degree Moving to offer a competitive price, your long distance move must come close to filling the truck. Typically, a lightly furnished 2-3BR move or larger will get a competitve price from 360 Degree Moving. If your load is smaller, like a studio, or 1 BR apartment I would recommend finding a reputable local company that will put your load onto a trailer, because that way you would get the most competitive price for your move.

I would recommend that customers insure their belongings when traveling long distance. A moving company is not in the business of selling insurance, however due to the nature of travelling long distances on our nation's highways it would behoove the customer to safeguard their belongings with a policy. Never pack cash, jewerly, and important papers, because their is no coverage for these items. If moving very expensive items, request a high value inventory, and keep a copy along with the contract stating your coverage. This way if there is a complete disaster you will have paperwork to file a claim.

360 Degree Moving specializes in trips all along the East Coast, and as far West as Chicago. We realize that the back of the truck bounces the most, and we load your most fragile items in the mover's peak in the front of truck. Many items have to be loaded in a particular fashion to survive the many miles of road in long distance moving. Our many years of experience are utilized when loading a truck for long distance in order to provide an optimal experience for our customer. If your planning a long distance move please contact 360 Degree Moving to set up a free binding price estimate for your move.


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