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Winter Moving In Rockland and Westchester

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Moving can be a difficult, and challenging task during optimal weather. However in winter the weather can absolutely shut down a move. Typically if there is a blizzard in the forecast the most important aspect of the move will be communication between the moving company, and the client. If the government is calling for all vehicles to remain off the road, that will include the moving truck. The best solution to these circumstances is to reschedule the move, and allow the plows to clear, and salt the roads. Once the roads are passible the move can proceed. Prior to the move the customer should have all sidewalks, and stairs clear of snow, and ice. If the movers need to spend an hour clearing snow, and ice the customer should be prepared to pay for that time, because the moving industry is based upon time providing a service. The driveway should also be clear of snow and ice, particularly if it is located on a hill. If the truck can not get close to the house due to the driveway not being plowed, then the job either will not take place, or the customer would have to pay for the extra time it takes the movers to carry the items over the extra distance. It is much more economical to have your driveway, sidewalks, and stairs cleared of ice prior to the move. Moving companies will do all in their power to provide a safe, and efficient service for our customers. As a customer you must do your part to provide a clear, and ice free path to the moving truck.

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