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Don't Pack Everything In The Moving Truck

Packing can be the most daunting aspect of the move for any customer. When packing your home there are certain items that should not go on the moving truck. Aerosols, compressed gas canisters, propane tanks, gasoline, paint cans, and anything considered flammable should not go on the moving truck. This may seem painstakingly obvious, however customers are inundated with so many concerns surrounding the moving process that little things are bound to be overlooked. Personal papers/documents of extreme importance should also be kept in the customer's possession. Jewerly, cash, precious stones should also be secured, and transported by the customer. You don't want a mover explaining the fine print for undeclared valuables, so avoid this situation all together. Keep track of your valuables, and don't leave them around for the movers to deal with. Another item worth mentioning is bleach, and other cleaning liquids. These liquids should be unopened, once opened you run the risk of having it leak all over you brand new leather couch. These liquids are better off transported in your car, or try to use opened containers prior to move day.

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