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Final Move Price

This is an interesting topic, and usually what separates a good moving experience from a bad one. Moving companies approach this issue from many different stand points. The best moving companies are able to price out a job, and stick to their price. As a customer look out for bad reviews that indicate the mover doubled the price of the move. This is a red flag, and as a consumer should be avoided. There are circumstances where every 1 out of a 100 customers will misrepresent the size of their job intentionally to get the company to provide them with a lower initial price. In this instance the moving company is correct in levying additional charges to cover the cost of labor associated with the extra work involved. 99% of my customers do not fall into this criteria. Changing the price of binding price jobs is the #1 most uncomfortable position for a moving company with integrity. The best way to avoid this is to get an in home inspection of your house prior to move. The customer needs to show the estimator everything, and really needs to take into account the DIFFERENCE between packing boxes, and moving boxes. If the movers show up on move day, and find a house's contents not packed they probably won't be able to finish the job in one day. Packing boxes is time intensive, and generally for a house the moving company will allocate a separate day to pack all the contents.

For smaller jobs of a 1 Bedroom Apartment or less (moving locally with no packing of boxes) the customer 9 times out of 10 will be better off with an hourly contract from a reputable moving company. The problem with an hourly contract is they can be abused by less than stellar moving companies. These companies will use an hourly contract to charge the customer for many unnecessary charges such as rolls of tape. It's these types of companies that have most consumers shy away from the hourly contract for moves both big, and small. This unfortunately has many customers overpaying on their smaller moves. At 360 Degree Moving we are very straight forward with our hourly pricing, and disclose any charges prior to providing any service. We don't try to run up the bill to try to squeeze the customer. We would rather perform a high level service, and earn a profit from the reputation we build from our work.

On larger jobs the customer needs a guaranteed price from a company that sticks to their price with integrity. On smaller jobs, customers can come out ahead with an hourly contract as long as they are doing business with a reputable moving company and the size of the job is not misrepresented. The final price of the move should be in agreement with the moving company, and the customer. If the final price of the move is in contention then the moving company failed to uphold one of the most fundamental principles of a happy customer.

Guaranteed Moving Price

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