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Google and Yelp Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get an idea of what a company is about. However, there are a few things customers should take into account while researching via online reviews. Most importantly are fake reviews, customers should look at reviews and gauge their authenticity. Taking note of the timeline of when the reviews are made is a good indicator. Are they spaced out, or does the company have many bunched together inexplicably. Did this company have a hand full of reviews, and then all of a sudden 10's to 100's of reviews in a short time span. It's hard to believe that customers will start to review a company all at once. Another great way to gauge authenticity is the actual text of the review. This is a little tricky, because they are usually written with the intention of tricking the consumer. Unfortunately there is very little enforcement when dealing with this practice so it is up to the consumer to distinguish these reviews.

Another great way to authenticate the review is to consider the source. Both Google, and Yelp are well respected independent purveyors of reviews. However, even these sights can be subject to misuse by unscrupulous businesses. Yelp even has a section of reviews that it deems not recommended. This section is below the reviews and you need to click on it in order to view. My company has 11 reviews in this section written by my customers, but Yelp has an algorithm that dictates that they do not merit being seen by the consumer. I recommend customers check this section of Yelp out while researching companies. Take this section with a grain of salt, because a large part of the reason they are not recommended is because the reviewer is not an active part of the "Yelp Community".

All together the online reviews are a great tool for the consumer. No business can make every customer happy for eternity. We are going into our fourth season in business, and have been able to avoid a bad review.

Rockland County Movers

The hand full of times that something goes wrong on a move during the year, 360 Degree Moving does its best to ameliorate the situation. Perfection is impossible in the moving industry, but keeping bad situations to a minimum, and rectifying them when they do occur is the sign of a quality moving company.

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