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Bubble Wrap Is Not The Only Protection You Need

It is especially important that you use a licensed, and insured mover. Here in New York, the NYDOT (New York Department of Transportation) oversees, and regulates the moving industry. By using a licensed, and insured moving company you are taking the first, and greatest step in protecting your belongings. 360 Degree Moving's NYDOT# 39145 is essentially our license to operate a moving company in New York. In order to obtain, and maintain a NYDOT# a moving company must maintain certain levels of insurance policies that protect the consumer in various circumstances. When using an unlicensed mover you run the risk of "holding the bag" should certain situations arise on moving day, such as damage to your property, your building's property, or your belongings. The NYDOT is interested in protecting consumers, and takes complaints very seriously. Licensed, and insured moving companies try their best to avoid any such complaints, and the moving companies that don't usually go out of business. This single decision to use a licensed, and insured moving company will be the most important aspect of any move.

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