360 Degree Moving is open for business. We have been designated as an Essential Business by the NYDOT.   Due to COVID-19 we are offering free virtual estimates for a guaranteed price for your move.  Please complete the Virtual Estimate Contact Form below and someone from our office will contact you. For more information on policies and procedures click below;

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​First, and foremost 360 Degree Moving is a fully licensed, and insured moving company. Located in Rockland County, N.Y. it has excellent access to Westchester N.Y., Bergen County N.J., and of course our specialty New York City. 360 Degree Moving carries liability, workmen’s comp, and cargo insurance in accordance with N.Y. DOT regulations. These types of insurance protect the consumer against potential hazards associated with a move. In fact, a majority of buildings require a (COI) certificate of insurance in order to perform a move in, or out of a building. In these instances it becomes an absolute necessity to have a licensed, and insured mover handling your move! As a consumer it is just not worth the risk of having an unlicensed, and uninsured mover do work on your private property. This leaves you vulnerable to litigation, and not having recourse in regards to damage of your property.


This is a world of a difference for the customer, because it  produces accountability. No longer will you feel the disconnect of dealing with four, or five different people only to have an entirely different type of experience with the moving crew. No need to call the office to complain, any issues regarding your move will be resolved in real time in an efficient manner. 360 Degree Moving sends out over 20 years of experience on every job. This alleviates the “Bad Crew” experience. Let me explain the how the “Bad Crew” experience occurs. There are peak times in the moving industry (Notably summer, and the end of the month). During these peak times many companies expand their workforce with inexperienced workers. They overbook and will send anyone with a pulse to your doorstep. This business model increases profit, but to the detriment of the customer. This is when the “Bad Crew” shows up leading to unnecessary stress for the customer. Rest assured this is not the 360 Degree Moving way! We do not overbook and always maintain the highest standard on every job.


In one word, STANDARDS. Moving is a process that requires experience. Through experience certain standards appear time, and time again. By completing the job using time tested standards the customer can rest assured that their possessions are being handled properly. 90% of damage occurs when movers don’t know proper technique, or decide to “cut corners”. Both of these circumstances can be eliminated by maintaining proper standards in furniture handling techniques. The other 10% of damage is not as easy to curtail, these are accidents (i.e., slipping on a wet surface). For these incidents, 360 Degree Moving offers valuation coverage.  This option cost extra in addition to the move itself, and has a deductible that the customer is responsible for in the event of any claim.  For customers that value there shipment above $25,000, and wish to purchase insurance we refer them to Baker International Insurance.  This is an added cost to the move and you deal directly with the insurance company regarding claims.   Another, more economical option is the free of charge industry standard 60 cents, per pound, per article. All licensed, and insured New York moving companies are required to offer this coverage free of charge. Customers are encouraged to check their homeowner’s policy in regards to coverage concerning moves, and if inclined seek insurance coverage from private insurance providers. N.Y. moving companies are not legally allowed to sell insurance.

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360 Degree Moving serves Rockland, Westchester, Orange, and Putnam counties.  We are a full service moving company that offers guaranteed pricing.

Moving is not just picking up boxes. It is a service based industry. We are there to help our customer on moving day. We are happy to go above, and beyond for our customers. We realize there are many hurdles on moving day. It’s our job to alleviate all stress associated with the move. Rest assured that you, and your possessions are in the hands of experienced professional movers who take their job seriously. All your questions, and concerns will be addressed by a crew with over 20 years of experience . When it comes to moving day 360 Degree Moving does not take its customer for granted. We appreciate your business and strive for excellence on each move. 

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